5 Tips to Workout During the Holidays at MVP Sports Clubs

With the holidays around the corner it’s tough/almost impossible to find time to workout (tell me I’m not alone). Between the holiday parties, cold winter days, and seeing friends in town it’s really hard to find time to head to MVP Sports Clubs for a workout. Luckily I’ve found 5 helpful tips that help me during this season to prioritize my workouts. If you have any tips please share in the comments!

Yoga MVP Grand Rapids1. Get Your Friends Involved

You might think I’m crazy for suggesting you get your friends involved in working out during the holidays, but hear me out. You’ll be spending time in town and thankfully MVP Sports Clubs makes it easy for your local friends or co-workers who have been interested in exercising aΒ 3 day trial pass. Have fun together trying a new fitness class and motivating each other to workout during your holiday break.

2. Stay Entertained

I don’t know about you but Christmas movies are my absolute favorite. Download your favorite holiday movie to your tablet and take it with you to MVP Crahen so you can stay entertained while working out. Just watching some of the movie will keep you motivated and get you moving.

MVP Sports Clubs Grand Rapids3. Plan Ahead

Holiday schedules can become a “busy” extremely fast with holiday parties and hanging out with family members in town. The best way to fit in a workout is planning ahead and scheduling time at the gym that works best for you. Even 15-30 minutes at the gym is better than nothing! Also, MVP is open early and stays open late to make it easier for you to fit in your workout.

4. Don’t Stress About It

Remember to have fun and be flexible during this season. If you planned ahead and something popped up don’t stress about not making it to the gym. Be easy on yourself and try fitting in a different day to make your workout happen.

5. Fight Those Excuses

It’s easy to make endless excuses for making Christmas cookies, shopping, or sleeping in during the holidays #guilty. Try your best to avoid those excuses and focus on your fitness goals.

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