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A Beer With: DJ AB

I’m thrilled to share a new series on The GR Guide “A Beer With.” There are so many amazing people in Grand Rapids that continue to inspire me, and I would love to share a little inside scoop into what they do and why they love this city. Of course we live in Beer City so naturally grabbing a beer and chatting was a must for this series. Today I’m excited to feature my friend DJ AB who is a talented musician, DJ, and designer. Learn more about his fashion line, music and join us on Saturday, May 20 at the GRAM for Fluorescent Black: The Party!

A Beer With Adrian ButlerWhat made you want to be a DJ?
​I’ve loved music for as long as I can remember, and I’ve wanted to make an artistic contribution ​in that way, you know with music, but I can’t sing and I feel limited with my rapping ability. So the freedom of expression through so many styles of music feels amazing and I love connecting with people that way!

Who is your biggest inspiration?
​I’d probably have to go with Pharrel Williams, Andrew Wang, and my immediate family​…

What advice would you give to aspiring DJs?
​Get experience in front of crowds!​

A Beer With AB at WinchesterWhat is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?
​Too many to name…but I’ll Say “Swimming Pools”​ by Kendrick Lamar right now…..and Aquemini by Outkast…and Crazy In Love, Beyonce…..and….Let’s Stay Together by Al Green…and Obstacle 1 by Interpol…

How would you describe your style and what made you start a fashion line?
​My style is influenced by modern, elevated casual, athletic styles right now- with something creative thrown in the mix. I’m busy with toddler life, meetings, family life, and need to be comfortable in any space.

DJ AB Grand RapidsWhat’s your favorite piece in the collection?
​Right now it’s an oversized, asymmetrical, cut-off women’s sweatshirt. The sweatshirt is an effortlessly cool piece that’s also going to look amazing anywhere.

What can we expect at the Florescent Black Party at The GRAM?
​Energy! Dancing! Cool people and cool vibes! Amazing music! Fun! People watching because the outfits will be amazing and different! ​

A Beer With AB in Grand RapidsWhat’s your favorite Michigan beer?
Blackrocks 51K IPA​

What do you love most about Grand Rapids?
​The growing pains and the push/pull between the progressive and conservative elements. I also love how the music keeps bringing people together!

A special thanks to The Winchester

Photo Credit: Tabitha Simons

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    Love this series Sara! You are doing an amazing job at The GRguide! Love it!

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