5 Tips for Making Weekday Workouts Happen at MVP Sports Clubs

Let’s face it the weekday workouts are the worst. I’ve come to the realization lately that working out on the weekend just doesn’t work for my schedule. When you work such long hours the idea of sleeping in on Saturday morning is a must these days. But honestly fitting in a workout during the week has also become a struggle so I’m sharing some helpful tips that have motivated me to hit MVP Sports Clubs.

Grand Rapids MVP1. Stick to a Schedule

Weekdays always have a tendency to get super busy super fast. With balancing work and a personal life it’s hard to actually schedule time for a workout. Trust me I totally get it, but I’ve found that sticking to a schedule really helps to fit in a workout or two each week. If you’re not a morning person let’s rule out trying to workout in the morning, but maybe hit the gym first thing after work. Pick a few days that you can reasonably dedicate to working out and it will be easier to fit in those workouts.

2. Try Something New

When you keep it interesting and stay on your toes you’re much more likely to stick to your weekday workout. If you’re always doing the same workout it can get a little old after awhile, but switching it up and trying something new can be a huge motivation for hitting the gym on a Tuesday night. Try a new yoga class, weightlifting or cycling class to give yourself something to look forward to.

Basketball MVP Sports Clubs3. Call Your Tribe

The one thing that’s really helped me hit the gym during the week his having my tribe hold me accountable. Even if they can’t join you at the gym have them text or call you to keep you motivated and on schedule to visit the gym. It’s also great to have your friends or significant other join you at the gym to have a workout buddy and best of all MVP offers a free three day experience pass on their website!

4. Plan a Reward

Whether it’s a new pair of workout leggings, new shoes or something you’ve had on your wish list having a reward can be a helpful motivational tool. Obviously this isn’t something to go overboard with but a small reward every once and awhile can be a great way to get yourself to the gym.

5. Focus on the Results

Whatever your fitness goals are try to focus on those results. Having a fitness schedule is a healthy way to help you achieve your workout goals and feel more refreshed #totallyworthit.

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